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Jeff Jungblut jeff at soapzone.com
Fri Nov 2 16:08:42 CST 2001

on 11/2/01 12:12 PM, Chuck Phillips at chuckphillips at mac.com wrote:

> I have a CGI script for the administration of a website that, when
> clicked, does a ton of stuff in the background for a ton of users. The
> problem is that now that after a certain number of users were added the
> script takes so long to finish what it's doing that the admin user's
> browser times out.

I used to have this problem; I don't believe it's the browser timing out but
the server timing out waiting for output from the CGI script and closing the
connection. Try making the script a non-parsed-header script that
continually flushes its output. Add "nph-" to the beginning of the script
name and set $| = 1 at the beginning of the script. In nph- scripts, you'll
need to send additional headers that the server normally generates for you.
Here's the function I use.

sub OutputHTTPHeader {
    if (!($httpHeaderSent)) {    # don't send it more than once

        if (($ENV{'SCRIPT_NAME'} =~ /nph-/ )) {
            $rightNow = &GetDateGMT(time,' ');
            $headerToSend .= "HTTP/1.1 200 OK\n";
            $headerToSend .= "Date: $rightNow\n";
            $headerToSend .= "Server: $ENV{'SERVER_SOFTWARE'}\n";
            $headerToSend .= "Connection: close\n";

        if ($sendCookie) {

        $headerToSend .= "Content-Type: text/html\n\n";
        print "$headerToSend";
        $httpHeaderSent = 1;

Jeff Jungblut
jeff at soapzone.com


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