a script running a script

Chuck Phillips chuckphillips at mac.com
Fri Nov 2 14:12:42 CST 2001

Hello Mongers,

The problem:

I have a CGI script for the administration of a website that, when 
clicked, does a ton of stuff in the background for a ton of users. The 
problem is that now that after a certain number of users were added the 
script takes so long to finish what it's doing that the admin user's 
browser times out.

My ideas:

I tried the following:

have the admin script execute another script in the background and then 
write a script to grep for the process so that the user can run that to 
check to see if it is done running.

So far running the script on the command line works fine. But putting 
the same command w/in back ticks in my perl script doesn't seem to work. 
(will system() work?)

`./build_clearances.pl &`;

Any Thoughts?

Thanks again,

P.S. cron job won't work because the script must execute when the user 
wants to run it which could be any time.


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