It's May

Bob Kleemann rkleeman at
Tue May 1 19:04:22 CDT 2001

On Tue, 1 May 2001, Chris Radcliff wrote:

> Hi Mongers,
> I'm finally finished writing the book, so I'll actually be able to make 
> it to this month's meeting! If anyone's interested, I can regale the 
> group with a tale of hardship and woe entitled, "Why No One Should Ever 
> Write a Five-Hundred Page Book. Ever." If not, you can always read the 
> result at -- just a first draft so far.

I've always been interested in this process, so I'm interested in learning
what stories there are to tell, and what traps to avoid.

> I'll personally buy pizza and beverages for the May 16th meeting in 
> penance for missing so many meetings. Come early to make sure you get some.
> On a lighter note, is anyone interested in talking about SOAP and Web 
> Services? They've been on my mind and in the news lately...

I've been intrested in these since I haven't gotten much more than high
level views of what it can supposedly do and how it can supposedly do
them.  A real discussion of this would really interest me.  Do you have
any URL's handy for someone who doesn't know what SOAP is or is capable

> I'd also 
> like to know who's planning to attend the Perl conference. We might want 
> to put some t-shirts together; if someone artistic proposes a design, we 
> can get Cafe Press ( to print them.

I love this idea.  If I had some artistic talent I'd be drawing something
up.  Anyone have some cool ideas for what might make a good design or

"Perl Hackers of San Diego, UNITE!"
"Just A Local Perl Hacker"



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