Hey, we're in SD this saturday night

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The places to avoid in TJ are the small streets that are not well lit.  Stay
in the main avenidas, like Revolucion and there some awesome nightclubs.  If
there is a long line to get in, do not be shy, ask for the manager or owner
and tell them that you are Randal and you are visiting for the weekend and
that you are a computer god and they might let you in. I am not kidding
about this.   Besides the bars of TJ, you can always go to Rosarito, which
is only about 35 minutes from the border and go to "Papas and Beer".  That
is the place to party.  This bar has an indoor Volleyball field and if you
are at the bar, be aware that the ball sometime makes its way into the bar.
Of course if the weather is shitty then don't go.

Good Luck,

Nestor :-)
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On 8 Mar 2001, Randal L. Schwartz wrote:

> ~sdpm~
> "we" being me and Bill "Party Animal and Part-Time Hooters Employee" Harp,
> scoping out places for the Stonehenge Party at TPC5 this year.
> (If you missed the Stonehenge party last year, you missed out!)
> Sorry for the short notice, but if anyone has any advice on:
> 1 - bars near the TPC5 location

All I know about that area is the Fields is a pretty good Irish Pub and
http://sandiegoclubs.com/searchresults.asp?locationID=1 is the only other
thing I can suggest.

> 2 - things to do in SD between noon saturday and noon sunday

What kind of activities are you looking for?  Aside from beer/food,
there's the obvious (Sea World, Balboa Park, World Famous SD Zoo).  
There's high class shopping area of La Jolla, there's the beautiful
Coronado with the Hotel del Coronado.  The forecast for Sat is spotty at
best (http://www.weather.com/weather/local/USCA0982), but depending on how
that turns out there would be plenty of beaches to comb or you could even
get adventurous and try going hang gliding (flytorrey.com).  I'm sure we
can come up with plenty of other things to do if you point us in a

> 3 - places to avoid in TJ when shopping

That's an adventure all on it's own!

> I'm up for it.  I'm staying across the street from SeaWorld,
> apparently, so I'll also be partying somewhere in that vicinity sat
> night.  You're welcome to hook up with me if you desire.

What time should the group hook up?  In time for dinner (6-ish), or in
time for drinks (8-ish).

> I'll have continuous email access until 3pm friday, but spotty after
> that.

We'll try to keep it full of suggestions until then. ;-)

> Look forward to hearing from at least a few of you.

I'm sure a "few" of us are looking forward to hearing and seeing you.
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 Bobby Kleemann <rkleeman at neta.com>


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