SDPM webserver

Bruce Timberlake bruce at
Mon Jun 25 18:21:29 CDT 2001

 > As for a web server, I have TWO computers that have FreeBSD on them.
 >   They are both are perfect for the job, so I am sure ONE will work
 >  out.  Bruce, maybe you can give me a call soon (858-720-1789)  You
 >  can come over and check out the machines and see which might be
 > more appropriate for the job.

Thanks to Garrett's generosity, we now have a PC to use for our 
webserver...  I will be wiping it clean (the one he gave us has 
Windows98 installed -- not really optimal for our purposes!), and 
installing RedHat Linux v7.1 on it.  I am away on vacation the first 2 
weeks of July; after that, perhaps we can find a generous company to 
allocate us an IP address and some bandwidth to put this box online. 
Then we can create shell accounts for group members, set up a 
CPAN/RedHat/whatever mirror, etc.

So get your CPAN module requests in to me over the next few weeks, and 
I'll make sure they get installed for everyone to tinker with once the 
box is actually online...

Also, if anyone is interested in the position/title/etc of (co) System 
Administrator for the server with me, let me know!  I don't want/need to 
do it all... :)

If anyone works at a Perl-friendly company who might want a free plug on 
our site, and a tax write-off for supporting a non-profit group, maybe 
you can hint around and see if they'd care to sponsor our server in 
their data center...

-- Bruce


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