Bruce Timberlake bruce at brtnet.org
Mon Jun 25 15:17:37 CDT 2001

Chris Radcliff wrote:

 > ~sdpm~
 > Hello all,
 > I'm about to mock up a quick t-shirt design, so I'm wondering if we
 > have consensus about the text on the shirt. Since consensus is so
 > important, I've enclosed my own version of the shirt code, which is
 >  completely incompatible with other versions. :) jalph.pl would go
 > on the front, and SanDiego.pm would go on the back. (BTW, I've
 > checked the code. It runs.)
 > Over the next 24 hours, could everyone post their
 > vote/choice/thought to the list, so Bobby can tabulate them and mix
 >  them and shake them and come up with the final text? Whatever gets
 >  chosen goes on the first mock-up.

Looks great to me!!  Maybe "date" it by making "Conference => 'Open 
Source 2001'" or something...

Other than that, looks good to me.  Let me know if you need any image 
work (Photoshop/Gimp/etc)...

-- Bruce


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