last night's meeting

Todd Rockhold todd.rockhold at
Thu Jun 21 12:46:38 CDT 2001

I got there late and somebody was discussing problems with database
connections, I think.  Maybe somebody can jump in and summarize that.

Everybody liked the design Anthony Kilna provided, but many thought that we
should add some code to the t-shirts.  So we need to decide on the bit of
code we want so the design can be sent to <somebody throw me a bone here...
Café something-or-other>.

We had a couple of new people.  My apologies to them for not remembering
their names.  I'll call one of them the "Michigan Mathematics Guy" and the
other the "Cambridge Akamai Guy", MMG and CAG for short.  

MMG has just moved here and is starting up a small company to work on
enhancing ad hoc query functions in OLAP cubes.  

CAG, as one might suspect, works for Akamai and is here for a while scoping
out the San Diego area.  The upshot seems to be that he likes the weather in
San Diego better and the seminars in Cambridge better, so I guess it's still
a horse race.

We talked a little about error handling in Perl 5.6.1 CGI scripts and then
the "use" statement and how to tell a script to find the modules it needs.  

Someone has asked Chris Radcliff to write a book about web services.  He
delightedly said "Of course!  When do you want the outline?" - not!

CAG mentioned a couple of open source things which a few people scribbled
down on their notepads: Open Journal (
and rt2 ( 

CAG had attended YAPC and related a couple of Damain Conway tales.  Then we
talked a little about bleach (eliminates non-whitespace characters from your
script) and the Klingon module.

Someone mentioned  the new Perl inline module.  Very powerful.  For example,
one can "study" any Java jar file and then use the classes and methods in
it.  How about Swing for doing GUI apps?

Talked a little about Python.  Best one-liner of the evening:  "Python does
not have CPAN and Python does not have Damian Conway".

Somehow vi versus emacs came up, which sent everyone scurrying out the door.


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