Hey Mongers! ps. Joel, file attached.

Garrett Casey canetguy at home.com
Thu Jun 7 21:38:07 CDT 2001

Cool!  Let me know when you have time to get together...  I will be available tomorrow late afternoon or evening.  If tomorrow is not good, we can arrange some other time:)  

Thanx Todd!


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On 6/7/01 at 6:57 PM Todd Rockhold wrote:

>I can pick up the stuff to take to the next meeting.
>I'm planning to go to the meeting, so the stuff should get there.
>Let me know the particulars.
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>	Hey everyone...
>	I am sorry I haven't been able to attend many meetings lately.  I
>have been dealing with some personal stuff.
>	I need someone to volunteer to meet me sometime before June 20th.  I
>have some TPJ's that need to be presented to the group, along with a bunch
>of catalogs and pamphlets from O'reilly.
>	I will not be able to attend the June meeting.  I will be in NJ
>planning for my new job as a Market Maker for Knight Trading.  I will be
>moving to NJ in August or September :( 
>	-Garrett
>	ps. Joel, I found the perl code file you requested on my old lap
>top.  I have attached it to the email.  Enjoy!
>	 << File: perlnotes.txt >>


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