FW: [JXTA discuss] Proposal: JXTAperl - A Perl Implementation of JXTA.

Todd Rockhold todd.rockhold at ontogen.com
Tue Jul 31 21:41:23 CDT 2001

Thought I'd pass this along.  I'm way too busy to take on something like
this now,
but maybe somebody out there in happy-fun-ball land would be interested.

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I'm a new convert to JXTA (I've been messing with the Groove API, but I
prefer the open standards/open source approach of JXTA). Anyway, I'm a
Perl programmer and would like to develop JXTA based applications with
my favourite tool. Are there any other Perl developers who would be
interested in working with me to implement the JXTA protocols as Perl
modules? It may be that we would want to wait for the C port project to
come to fruition and build an XS or SWIG binding to those libraries, but
I would prefer to implement JXTA in pure Perl.

Anyone interested?

Nyk Cowham
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