A clarification regarding OS2k1.

cabney cabney at cyberpass.net
Mon Jul 23 12:53:48 CDT 2001

On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, Chris Radcliff wrote:
> cabney wrote:
> > Only the /keynote/ speeches were mentioned specifically with regard to
> > which parts of the conference we may access using this pass. Are other
> > sessions also going to be available?
> Actually, Randal's right. No "sessions" are included with the Exhibit 
> Hall pass. Of course, my observation from previous shows is that 
> keynotes, esp. Larry's State of the Onion, classify more along the lines 
> of "events" or "mobs" with all sorts of people wandering in and out. My 
> feeling is that a group of folks with local Perl Mongers t-shirts and 
> nominative passes aren't likely to be ejected from the area. :)

Ok, with all due respect, "in spite of the name, those passes will get
you..." is a *LOT* different from "it worked for me last year."  I suggest
that if, in the future, you want to make an announcement on a list for
which you seem to have some official capacity, that you speak more
carefully and make sure you've done your homework before you make
overreaching statements.  That way, you won't mislead anyone. Thank you
for your time.

> Next year, perhaps we can get ORA to set up a special Perl Mongers Pass 
> that gets you in for a nominal fee to specially-marked events. If anyone 
> runs into Nat Torkington or other OSCON bigwigs, plant the idea in their 
>   heads...

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