poor NY.pm'er needs TPC accomodations

Bob Kleemann rkleeman at energoncube.net
Wed Jul 18 15:14:48 CDT 2001

	I'm forwarding your message to the group to see if anyone else can
offer more help than I can.  I'm not familiar with any affordable places
to stay around the convention center (which the conference is going to be
held right next to), but you can look here:


For a Yahoo listing close to zip-code 92101 (where the convention center
is).  Also, you may be interested in: 


Which should help you determine the capabilities of our "public transit" 
system.  (Note the double quotes, our system in no way compares to New

If there are any more ways I/we can help, please let me/us know.

On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Jeff 'japhy/Marillion' Pinyan wrote:

> Hi Rob.  You probably don't know me, but I'm a NY Perl Monger with a
> rather small budget (college student) who works for a company that won't
> pay for his trip to TPC.  I'm speaking at the conference, so that fee has
> been waived, but I've paid for my airline ticket, and now I need to find
> an affordable (and not super-distant) place to stay.
> I've asked the NY Perl Mongers if any of them were forced into getting
> double bed rooms, and if I could share for half the cost.  But then a
> coworker of mine reminded me that there's probably a San Diego Perl Monger
> division, and lo and behold, here you are.
> I would be eternally grateful if one of the mongers could assist me in
> finding a place to stay.  I'm not asking for a personal residence, but a
> knowledgeable selection of a hotel that wouldn't kill me would be very
> much appreciated.
> Thank you very much.
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