math is hard (to remember)

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Thu Jul 12 22:51:27 CDT 2001

>>>>> "cabney" == cabney  <cabney at> writes:

cabney> ~sdpm~
cabney> Anyone have a more succinct way to do this?  Or... faster?  I'm no compsci
cabney> guy, but my guess is this is O(NlogN).

cabney> =8<===============================================
cabney> #! /usr/bin/perl -w
cabney> # Finds all the different ways of combining N items, excluding the empty
cabney> # set.  So, 2**N - 1 combinations.

Here's one way that involves more recursion than iteration.  I've come
up with ways that involve more iteration than recursion too. :)

my @list = qw(red orange yellow green blue);
combo([], @list);
sub combo {
  my $base = shift;
  if (@_) {
    my $first = shift;
    combo($base, @_);
    combo([@$base, $first], @_);
  } else {
    print "@$base\n" if @$base; # skip null set

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