Meeting on the 18th (*not the 25th*)

Anthony Kilna anthony at
Wed Jul 11 18:48:44 CDT 2001

I was under the impression that we hadn't come to a concensus on the content.  Give me a definitive "yea" on something, and I'll whip up something that looks purty.  :)  Here's the first image I came up with over a month ago, it has no color in it but if we're going cafepress there's no reason not to add some splash.   Seems there's only a one-day lead time on shirts through cafepress (they ship express the next day).

Anthony Kilna - anthony at - 1-877-966-8948 x112

>>> Bob Kleemann <rkleeman at> 07/11/01 12:34PM >>>
	Someone from London just pointed out to me a mistake on our
web-page.  The website says our next meeting is Wed Jul 25.  Actually, it
is the third Wed of the month, July 18, aka, next Wed.  I believe Bruce
is the only one with access to the webserver and he is on vacation, so we
will have to make sure that everyone knows otherwise.

	Also, some people were responsible for T-shirt designs. They
unfortunately haven't been delivered, so whoever has artistic talent can
you please send me your rendition of what our T-shirts should have printed
on them.  Otherwise, can someone please resend me Anthony's original


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