CGI and the Web Server

Eugene Tsyrklevich eugene at
Mon Jan 29 18:14:57 CST 2001

Using Apache you can probably use mod_rewrite and mod_proxy to implement that
where a local url of http://webserver/cgi-bin/script gets rewritten, proxied
and executed on another computer (which has to run a webserver even if it's
a private one).
see{rewrite, proxy}.html

If you are not running Apache you can probably just return a 302 (moved
temporarily) and make user browser connect to another webserver which
will than execute the cgi script. this doesn't exactly fit Bill's requirement
and is quite frankly a hack.

finally you can get fancy and just have a simple script (written using mod_perl
or some other native webserver API for maximum speed) which will connect
to another internal box and run the request there. so your public webserver
just talks to one or more internal webservers whose whole purpose is to
execute cgi scripts on a behalf of a public webserver.

Of course a much better solution is to get rid of CGIs.. ie replace them
with mod_perl, NSAPI, fast_cgi, etc


On Mon, Jan 29, 2001 at 01:38:28PM -0800, Todd Rockhold wrote:
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> Apologies to Bill Wood -- I don't know the answer.
> But want to do exactly the same thing, so I second the request.
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> > ~sdpm~
> > Is it possible to have requests for CGI scripts to be executed on a
> > machine
> > other than the web server that received the request? Has anyone had any
> > experience with this environment or could you point me at something that
> > documents how it is done.
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