TREX (was: Meeting On Wed)

Todd Rockhold todd.rockhold at
Wed Jan 17 16:10:45 CST 2001

I have not checked docs for info on the SAX2 point.  
Do you think it would be worthwhile (assuming lack of "proprietary
intellectual property constraints", etc)
to bring up the problems at the meeting tonight?  Maybe some people with
bulbs brighter than mine
can offer suggestions.

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> To:	Todd Rockhold
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> Subject:	Re: TREX (was: Meeting On Wed)
> Actually, I have no objection to porting useful applications to Perl; 
> it's one of the best ways to make Perl better.
> I'm just cranky because I was hoping that TREX would solve my XML Schema 
> problems, which XML Schema itself doesn't do. ;)
> ~chris
> Todd Rockhold wrote:
> > Hmmm... 
> > My ignorance of XML Schema is -- how do I put it delicately -- rather
> > spectacular.
> > However, TREX strikes me as a bit more than just another XML validator.
> > 
> > Another caveat is that TREX is built on SAX2.  I don't know what
> underlies
> > the currently 
> > available Perl XML parsers.
> > 
> > Also there is the question of how exciting it is to port a useful
> > (admittedly an attribute Chris
> > Radcliff may be unwilling to grant so far) application in another
> language
> > to Perl compared 
> > to developing something new.
> > 

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