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Wilson, Doug Doug_Wilson at
Mon Aug 13 14:25:37 CDT 2001

I meant to reply to the list, but just replied to cabney so here
goes again :)

Let me also add that if I'm writing something that I know will
only be on Windows or Unix, then I'll just use forward slashes.

If I'm going to put it on CPAN, then I'll use File::Spec. (I just
wish other authors would do the same). I can't be sure that it'll
work on Mac or VMS or whatever, but at least it'll be easier to
fix if it doesn't :)

> I'm writing a module that will probably be used on different 
> OS platforms.
> I'm wondering if things like directory delimiters and PATH delimiters
> are going to be an issue.

On windows, forward slashes are transparently converted to backslashes in
directory paths. So most filenames should be compatible between Windows and
Unix (unless you include the Windows drive or network system name (e.g.
'C:\' or '\\SOMESYSTEM', but even then forward slashes are ok
on windows). But if you really want to be portable (Mac, VMS, etc),
you might want to use File::Spec. (See File::Spec and File::Spec::Unix to
then the other File::Spec::* modules if you're curious about how other
do it).


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