control characters for prompt editing

John R. Comeau comeaujr at
Wed Sep 20 13:29:07 CDT 2000

I'm looking for a Perl module that will help me build a user interface
similar to the Unix shell tcsh.  In tcsh, you can edit your
paritally-entered command using control characters like control-A
(go to start of line), control-E (go to end of line), ESC-f (advance
over word), etc.

So I'd like to write a program, preferrably using a Perl module from
CPAN, that allows the user to enter a command and edit it using the
control and escape keys like tcsh.  I looked at several CPAN modules
in the Term family but couldn't find one that clearly had this

These editing control characters are used by emacs and Matlab as well
tcsh, so I think they're common enough that a module would've been

John Comeau (john.comeau at 858-713-3593 (W)
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