and loop statements

Alan Stewart astewart at
Tue Sep 12 17:45:27 CDT 2000

On 12 Sep 00, at 14:59, Bobby Kleemann wrote:

>You could change this code from 
>>                               $q->td(
>>                                  for ($i=0; $i<=4; $i++){   #### I get
>> error here.
>>                                     $speed[$i];
>>                       }
>>                              ),
> $q->td(@speed[0..4]),
>Although that may not solve all of your problems.  The main reason you
>have a problem here is because you want to execute code instead of calling
>a function/method.  If you needed to do his in the future, change the for
>to a map or grep:
> $q->td(map { $_ } @speed),
> $q->td(map { $speed[$_] } (0..4)),

I advocated the anonymous sub approach (my other reply) because you can 
do arbitrary things inside, like database calls or dynamically calculated 
speeds or  whatever... and it satisfies that urge to jump into code in the 
middle of a print.

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