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Alan Stewart astewart at
Tue Sep 12 17:23:50 CDT 2000

On 12 Sep 00, at 14:48, Vasquez, Mike wrote:

>I am having problems trying to do a for loop statement using CGI.PM
>I have a nested table and I want to do a for loop statement  and print the
>array   Here's a sample of the syntax.  I am new to this.  Any help would be
>. . .
>	print $q->start_table(),
>               $q->TR(
>	      $q->td(
>                     $q->start_table(),
>                        $q->TR(
>                           $q->td(($q->b('RATE')),
>                              $q->td(
>                                 for ($i=0; $i<=4; $i++){   #### I get an

At this point Perl is looking for a string parameter for $q->td(), not a Perl 
statement like "for". You can call a sub that returns a string here.

Also, I think you want the loop wrapped around the inner $q->td(), not inside 
of it. I might do this:

	print $q->start_table(),
                              sub {my $speeds;
                                      for ($i=0; $i<=4; $i++) {
                                           $speeds .= $q->td($speed[$i]);
                                      return $speeds;
                          ), # end row

The anonymous sub returns a string of all speeds, each with <td></td> 
markup, which is a parameter to $q->TR, which is a parameter to print.

BTW, the for loop looks like C (blechh), not Perl, but I left it that way. 
Probably should be:

                                      for (@speed) {
                                           $speeds .= $q->td($_);

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