Chris Radcliff chris at
Fri May 26 09:33:44 CDT 2000


In the spirit of TIMTOWTDI and webbishness:

print qq{<table>\n};
print qq{<tr><td>Date</td><td>Time</td><td>Host</td>};
print qq{<td>ftpput</td><td>ftpget</td>};
print qq{<td>pingloss</td><td>pingavg</td>\n};

open (FILE, "in.txt") or die "didn't open file";

my @lines = (<FILE>)[-3..-1];

foreach my $line (@lines) 
  my ($Date, $Time, $Host, $ftpput, $ftpget, $pingloss, $pingavg) 
	= split " ", $line;
  print qq{<tr><td>$Date</td><td>$Time</td><td>$Host</td>};
  print qq{<td>$ftpput</td><td>$ftpget</td>};
  print qq{<td>$pingloss</td><td>$pingavg</td>\n};
close FILE;

print qq{</table>\n};

I'm not sure if this is less a memory hog than Eugene's response, but it
also assumes that the file is the standard
append-the-last-one-to-the-end format. Check out to see it in action.


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