calling an object's ancestor method

John R. Comeau comeaujr at
Thu May 4 12:29:41 CDT 2000

Does anyone know how to force Perl to start it's search for an
object's method in its immediate ancestors' classes?  The

  $self->SUPER::method ();

syntax start's the search in the ancestrial classes of the class in
which the $self->SUPER::method () call is made, not in the ancestrial
classes of the object itself.  That's useful in some situations, but I
have a situation where I need a SUPER-like syntax to start the search
in the object's ancestors.

On page 178 of _Object Oriented Perl_, Conway gives an example of
searching through the ISA array of the object's class.  I could adapt
this technique to my situation to manually perform the search for the
method, but I wondered if there isn't a built-in way of doing it.


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