FW: VPM - PPm problems.

Todd Rockhold todd.rockhold at ontogen.com
Wed May 3 13:06:49 CDT 2000


The PDK mentioned below is Active State's Perl Development Kit.  I have it
and have used ppm but have not seen the problem.  In case some of you San
Diego Perl Mongers out there do see this,  the info might be helpful...

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> From:	David Blank-Edelman [SMTP:dnb at ccs.neu.edu]
> Sent:	Tuesday, May 02, 2000 11:54 PM
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> Subject:	Re: VPM - PPm problems.
> George A Valencia <George.A.Valencia at aero.org> writes:
> > Since I bought PDK, I am not able to use ppm. "verify" and "search"
> gives an
> >  error message:
> > mismatched tag at line 9, column 2, byte 612 at
> > C:/Perl/site/lib/XML/Parser.pm  line 183
> Howdy-
>   I just got done debugging this very same problem. Here's what I had
>   to do to fix this, your mileage may vary. I believe the installation
>   of a new version of XML-Parser (2.28) caused some error checking
>   behave differently in the PPM program.
>   After some debugging, the conclusion I came to was that you will see
>   this message for every <package> entity in your ppm config file
>   (usually c:\perl\site\lib\ppm.xml) whose <LOCATION> entity cannot be
>   contacted. For instance, if you've ever loaded anything from Jenda's
>   archive (before the Jenda.Krynicky.cz name went temporarily on
>   hiatus), or anything from your hard disk and then wiped the
>   directory, you will receive this message.
>   My fix was to edit the ppm.xml file by hand (caution! make a backup,
>   you can do more harm than good if you get this wrong) to fix those
>   LOCATION entries which were causing problems.
>   Your next question may be "how do I know which entries are causing a
>   problem?". Here's how I found out:
>   1) run "ppm verify" and note the last package which was mentioned
>   2) run the ppm program in the debugger, preferably in a separate
>      command window (e.g. perl -d c:\perl\bin\ppm.pl)
>   3) Type "b 867" to set a breakpoint at the right line in the
>      verify_packages subroutine.
>   4) Type "c" to continue, enter "verify" at the prompt.
>   5) In a moment you will get a debugger prompt again. Type "x keys
> %info".
>   You should now get a list of all the packages installed in the order
>   PPM is going to process them. Look for the last package you saw in
>   step 1. If you find the package in the list generated by
>   "x keys %info", the very _next_ one on the list is your problem
>   child.
>   6) Edit it's entry in ppm.xml. Repeat as often as necessary.
>   I suspect the above is a bit more roundabout than one needs to be,
>   but it did eventually solve my problem. Hope this helps other folks
>   as well.
>    Respectfully,
>      David N. Blank-Edelman
>        Director of Technology
>        College of Computer Science
>        Northeastern University
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