C. Abney cabney at
Sat Mar 11 15:40:19 CST 2000

On Sat, 11 Mar 2000, Alan Stewart wrote:

>      unless ($QUIET) {
> 	system ( "$cmd" ) == 0
> 		or warn "failed remote copy: $!";
>      }
> and Perl does what I expect :)

That sure isn't what I wanted!

I tried to write:

system ( "$cmd" ) == 0
	or warn ( unless ($QUIET) { warn "failed remote copy: $!";});

but perl doesn't like that. I have to do:

if ( system("$cmd") ) {
        warn "failed remote copy: $!" unless $QUIET;

'Spose I'm just being picky, now... I was trying to maintain style
between different code sections.  I guess I can't <g>

Why is unless so picky about where it is?

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