need a crutch, (was: precedence)

C. Abney cabney at
Sat Mar 11 11:53:03 CST 2000

> 	(2)[2136]$ cat
> 	#! /usr/bin/perl
> 	$FOO = shift;
> 	$ERR = shift;
> 	$ERR or warn "gah!\n" unless $FOO;

Hmm, I actually posted this to ask a question... guess I was too tired
to continue.  I tried to use braces/parens to make the evaluation order
explicit or obvious, but kept getting syntax errors.

I can do a:

$opt_D ? ( $DEBUG=1 ) : ( $DEBUG=0 ); # better is "$DEBUG = $opt_D ? 1 : 0;"

to force perl to my will, but when I try it with the above code I get
syntax errors.  What should I do to make it more obvious?

Something like:

$ERR or ( warn "gah!\n" unless $FOO );

Except it should work!

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