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Mon Jun 26 16:53:52 CDT 2000

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If you are planning on attending the meeting on Wed, PLEASE RSVP NOW!
Send your RSVP to canetguy at or adms1 at

Open Invitation: will be hosting the San Diego Perl Mongers meeting being held on JUNE 28, 2000 at 7:00pm.  Any Perl programmer in the San Diego area is welcome to attend. is nearly a billion-dollar online corporation that uses Perl as it's primary programming language.  Their site has hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a day.  They use Intel based hardware systems with duel 500mhz (or better) processors, 512 megs of RAM, running Linux and Solaris.

MySQL is their primary database for all the live sites.  They use Oracle and MS SQL in certain specific business applications. uses Apache exclusively for serving all pages on their site.  Again, Perl is their primary programming language and C is used for very specialize purposes.  Mod_perl is used for most CGI's.

At the meeting, engineers will be speaking and answering questions about how they use Perl, Mod_perl, Apache and MySQL in such a robust environment.  It should be very enlightening.  Food and drinks will be provided along with cool prizes. 

If you would like to attend the meeting, please RSVP Garrett Casey at canetguy at or adms1 at

The San Diego Perl Mongers is going strong with 60+ members.  All Perl programmers in San Diego are welcome to join us.  All members get free shell account on our server and have access to our FRIENDLY mailing list.

-Garrett Casey
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