Python vs Perl (w/ PHP) (fwd)

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Mon Jun 5 18:46:35 CDT 2000

	A friend of mine is looking for some
knowledge/guidance/experience.  Can anyone help?

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Subject: Python vs Perl (w/ PHP)

Hopefully someone in additon to Bob will have some

THere's this guy at work that apparently use to
be an engineer at Infoseek and has a Python background.
But he now works in Marketing at my company and is
leading a new project that I am developer on. My
choice is naturally Perl. 

His role is purely to produce the content where I
am to produce the scripting to generate that. To
me there is a fine line. He provides an MRD and I 
provide the solution.

Unfortunately he keeps pestering me and my supervisor
about how much better Python is. (I just can't see
why Python users constantly rip on Perl). I've
take a defensive to this which is affecting my work.

I'm definately game for learning a new language if
my current onoe doesn't offer the same solutions, but
to a non-Python user, I thought that Perl and Python were
very similar. I took a look at some of the docs on 
Python's site and it sure does seem that it's the
same as Perl, although it does force you to adhear
to stricter syntax. I've also read that it's a 
good beginner language.

But _WHAT_ are the differences other than that? I can't
see a darn one. There is a mod_python but it seems to
be in it's infancy. There is some kind of module/class
system but it's nowhere near as comprehensive as CPAN.

In my mind it's be more useful to learn PHP since it's
compliments Perl more... and has a quiker time to market.

I even went as far as telling this prick if he wants to 
writ ethe scripts he's welcome to join the engineering 
dept but if he's not than he shouldn't force his beliefs
down my throat.

Anyway... has anyone gone through this yet? Any helpful
insight from both perl/Python/PHP developers would be

Jim Serio - jim at
Producer, World of Coasters


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