August San Diego Perl Mongers Meeting

Garrett Casey canetguy at
Mon Jul 31 17:00:40 CDT 2000

cc: comp.lang.perl.misc

Well, August is just around the corner.  Per our Web Page our next meeting is on August 16, 2000.
It will be hosted by MusicMatch

Here is the tentative schedule for the meeting:

Pizza, salad, and beer should be available (yummy)

At around 7:00PM the meeting will begin with normal
starting talk (info on next meeting, any announcements, etc).

7:30-8ish - Bill Caid will talk about MusicMatch, the 
Jukebox, and the system behind them.

After Mr. Caid, Ted Dunning will talk for about 30-45 minutes 
about a new concept called Active Logging and how it can
help aid in debugging systems, creating test scripts for
future systems, and assist in decreasing the number 
of errors in programs.

Our own Bobby Kleemann will follow Mr. Dunning for about 
45-60 minutes.  He will talk about his experiences with Perl
and MusicMatch, and explain how Perl was the best solution
for some problems that MusicMatch has encounterd.

After Bobby talks, we will break.  This will be you opportunity
to talk and network with other Mongers (we have about 65+

Also, I just order Programming Perl, 3rd Edition, which I 
will be bringing to the meeting.  Hopefully, several of you 
have picked up the book and will bring it too, so everyone
else will have an opportunity to skim it.  Our September
meeting will focus on reviewing this current version of 
the "Bible."

If you plan to attend the meeting, please RSVP by sending
an email to canetguy at or adms1 at

More information will be posted on when
it becomes available.

The San Diego Perl Mongers welcome all new members, at
all programming levels.  We meet every month.  Each member
is given a FREE shell account on our server and access to 
our FRIENDLY mailing list.  Visit 
for more information.


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