TPJ back issues.

Garrett Casey canetguy at
Wed Jul 26 11:59:46 CDT 2000

Hey everyone.

I am ordering some back issues of The Perl Journal for our group (just have to pay shipping).  If you would like me to order you some personal copies, please email me ASAP.

>San Diego Perl Mongers now has 65+ members.  On average about 30-40 people
>show up for the monthly meetings.  I think issues of TPJ will be a great
>addition to the group "library" we hope to start.
>We will take 3 copies of every issue you have!  Just email back with the
>total number of issues available and we will get the check out ASAP.
>Thanx a ton -
>-Garrett Casey
> >Perl Mongers has several hundred issues to TPJ from various printings
> >i want to get rid of them.  If your group wants some, all you have to do
> >is pay my sphipping costs (see below).  Let Nyna know how many you want
> >and any requests for particular issues.  We'll do our best to accomodate
> >you.  Just send your check to the address in my sig :)
> >
> >	US Domestic:
> >
> >		$3 for five issues
> >		$1 for each set of five issues after that
> >
> >	International:
> >
> >		??
> >
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> >brian d foy                              <brian at>
> >Director of Technology, Smith Renaud, Inc.
> >875 Avenue of the Americas, 2510, New York, NY  10001
> >	V: (212) 239-8985
> >
> >
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We have 6 issues available right now, which would make 18 magazines 
we would be sending you altogether.  The total shipping costs will be 
$8.  We'll send out your issues as soon as we get your check.


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