int(rand() + 1), int(rand()) +1, and hashes

C. Abney cabney at
Sun Jul 16 13:17:07 CDT 2000

On Sun, 16 Jul 2000, Eugene Tsyrklevich wrote:

> doesn't make sense right? i mean both number are supposed to be integers..

I think I'd hesitate before calling it a "feature", if that's what you mean
by 'sense'. :)

I admit my case was pretty marginal (int's as hash keys) but you've shown
that it's a general feature of Perl with your $a+=1 example.  Using a float
as an array index is fairly common practice <g> so the Perl Porters probably
stuck in the auto-truncate rule in the compiler?  I can't see doing this for
hash keys though... too wierd.  I think I'm learning too much about perl's
internals (I'd rather be playing with Markov chains...)

So for a weak-typed language like Perl maybe it is a 'feature'.  I assumed
arithmetic type rules were like C's.

Thanks for the tip on!

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