CGI & looping

Joel Fentin joel at
Sat Jul 15 15:05:57 CDT 2000

The question is about looping; not about printing the data.

I have tried print statements of various types, and I can't get
anything to work. Even if I leave the "{}" empty, the program
still bombs.

NEW CGI OBJECT ORIENTED==========================

#!/perl/bin/perl -w
use CGI;
my $co = new CGI;
my @Data=("AAAA","BBBB","CCCC","DDDD");
print $co->header,
$co->start_html(-title=>'Hello Mother'),
$co->p, at Data,
#foreach $_ (@Data){$co->p,"$_\n",},        #INTERNAL SERVER ERROR

STANDARD CGI====================================
#!/perl/bin/perl -w
#use CGI qw/:standard/;				#OK
use CGI qw(:standard);				#OK
my @Data=("AAAA","BBBB","CCCC","DDDD");
print header,
start_html('Hello Mother'),
#for(@Data){},			        #INTERNAL SERVER ERROR
#for(@Data){};			        #INTERNAL SERVER ERROR
#foreach $_(@Data){},                 #INTERNAL SERVER ERROR
#foreach $_(@Data){};                 #INTERNAL SERVER ERROR

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