split problem

Eugene Tsyrklevich eugene at securityarchitects.com
Tue Jul 4 20:46:27 CDT 2000

On Tue, Jul 04, 2000 at 05:03:35PM -0700, Steve Meier wrote:
> I am so close to formatting this data but it's just not behaving the way I'm expecting. This is a sample of the output of what I'm formatting:
> [ ID] Interval       Transfer     Bandwidth
> [  4]  0.0-25.0 sec   188 MBytes  60.2 Mbits/sec
> [  6]  0.0-25.0 sec   277 MBytes  88.5 Mbits/sec
> [  5]  0.0-25.0 sec   112 MBytes  35.7 Mbits/sec
> [  3]  0.0-25.0 sec   195 MBytes  62.4 Mbits/sec
> [  5] 25.0-50.0 sec   196 MBytes  62.7 Mbits/sec
> My split function is this:
> ($id, $interval, $transfer, $bandwidth) = split (/\s+/, $_);

perldoc -f split

> What I'm doing is breaking this up to out put it into a html table.
> Everything is good except for the first line "[ ID] Interval       Transfer     Bandwidth"
> What happens is "Interval and Transfer" end up in the same collumn and "Bandwidth" ends up in the column that "Transfer" should be in.
> I've tried everything I can think of!!!! If anyone has any sugestions it would most appreciated!!

using split in your case is not a very good idea since you have way too much
extra whitespace in your string. try using a regex instead.. smth like

$ perl -wle '$,=", "; $_="[  5] 25.0-50.0 sec   196 MBytes  62.7 Mbits/sec"; print m!\[\s+(\d+)\] (.*?) sec\s+(\d+) MBytes\s+(.*?) !'
5, 25.0-50.0, 196, 62.7

for info on regular expressions see perldoc perlre
on -wle part see perldoc perlrun
and on $, see perldoc perlvar

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