Chris Radcliff chris at
Fri Feb 25 13:01:52 CST 2000


Hi Joel,

What happens when you run the script from the command line or in -w

Just off the top of my head, you need to escape the @ in joel at so
Perl doesn't think you're referencing an array, and you should check if
your open statement actually works, like thus:
open (SENDMAIL,"|/USER/LIB/sendmail -oi -t -odg") or die "yipes!";

It looks like the path might be invalid (what OS is this under?) so
check if /USER/LIB/sendmail actually exists.

I'm not even looking at the sendmail parameters. Check those if all else


Joel Fentin wrote:
> ~sdpm~
> The following is a simplified version of the program in the
> cookbook (Pg. 651). It isn't working and I don't have a clue.
> Than you for any ideas.
> apache: [Wed Feb 23 21:03:16 2000] [error] [client]
> script not found or unable to stat:
> /u/web/theede/cgi-local/
> apache: [Wed Feb 23 21:03:46
> 2000] [error] [client] Premature end of script
> headers:
> /u/web/theede/cgi-local/
> ==============================
> ===========
> #!/usr/local/bin/perl
> use CGI qw(:cgi-lib :standard);
> open
> (SENDMAIL,"|/USER/LIB/sendmail -oi -t -odg");
> print SENDMAIL
> <<"EOF";
> From: joel at
> To: joel at
> Subject: Mail
> Test
> This is the message body.
> close (SENDMAIL);

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