Letter to Perl Mongers

Bob Forgey rforgey at alumni.caltech.edu
Thu Aug 17 17:54:29 CDT 2000

>>>>> "Todd" == Todd Rockhold <todd.rockhold at ontogen.com> writes:

    Todd> ~sdpm~
    Todd> As I recall, I received an email including an RSVP 2-3 weeks before the
    Todd> meeting and a reminder the day of the meeting.  Seemed like a good protocol
    Todd> to me.

Yes, a very good protocol. The people who weren't there missed some
excellent presentations. The one on active logging was the most
interesting I'd heard in a long time: that should be good for any
number of magazine articles and conference presentations.

I'm sorry to say that I got there very late; first because I spent 15
minutes in line to pay my fool tax, and second because I had a h*ll of 
a time finding MusicMatch. That was my own fault entirely, since I
copied the address down wrong and mis-interpreted the driving
instructions. But, I must say, I had no idea there were any businesses 
there! I had always thought it was one of those week-at-a-time
business hotels. I drove by twice before I got a clue.


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    >> From:	Garrett Casey [SMTP:canetguy at home.com]
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    >> ~sdpm~
    >> I hope I didn't come across like I was complaining about the people who
    >> wrote back that they could not attend.  I fully understand it if someone
    >> has a prior commitment - thats fine.  I am concerned about the 26 people
    >> who said they WOULD attend and didn't. 
    >> >In the future, I recommend getting RSVPs early enough so that you and
    >> >the host know how many have committed to attending.  (THOSE are the
    >> >folks who had darned well better show up!)
    >> 26 out of 32 people who RSVP did not show up.
    >> -Garrett

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