Perl Mongers April Meeting

Garrett Casey canetguy at
Sat Apr 15 19:35:52 CDT 2000

Perl Mongers,

First, this is a reminder that our next meeting is on April 19, 2000 at 7:00pm.  Alex Shaw will be giving the his seminar on imbedding perl commands in HTML and templates.  This is the seminar topic scheduled for last month, but was unfortunately cancelled.


I have been in contact with Randal Schwartz.  I invited him to attend and speak at one of our meetings.  This is the message I got back from him:


"Thank you for the invitation!  I've been to SD a few times, and it
seemed like a nice city (what little I saw of it :)."

"And, as a matter of fact, I'm currently in negotiation for an extended
amount of business with a client in Santa Monica, and could probably
attach an SD leg into one of those trips without too much trouble."

"I'm cc'ing my assistant Veronica... she'll be in touch with you
about possible dates as we get our plans."


I have not heard back from Veronic as of yet, but I will keep bugging her :) until we get him to show up!


We were able to find a server that everyone can use.  I want to thank Mike Devicariis, he was able to hook us up with a HPUX-11 running on HP9000.  Perl5.005_03 is installed, Apache needs to be configured. We will need a volunteer or two to help set up everything.  You can call me at 858-720-1789 or just talk to me at the meeting.

Here is the plan for the server:
Host the mailing list
Host the web page
Let mongers have a home directory with public_html and cgi-bin directories
Home of the script repository
Home of anything else!

Volunteers will be needed to help with everything!!!

We will talk at the meeting. I hope you can attend!



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