Is this a bug in Perl (nested hash)?

Alan Stewart astewart at
Wed Apr 12 14:21:37 CDT 2000

On 12 Apr 00, at 10:25, John R. Comeau wrote:

>    Alan> John, what did yours print? You didn't say !!
>Mine printed the same as yours.  I guess I was just hoping that the
>keys 'key0' and 'key1' wouldn't be created just by checking for the
>existence of the nested value.  I was thinking that only an assignment
>operation would create them.

If $hash{key0} didn't auto set to a reference value, you wouldn't get the free 
ride of saying $hash{key0}{key00} without first saying something like:
   $hash{$key} = {};

It just happens that there is a new module on the CPAN recent list called 
Hash-NoVivify which appears to address this problem of de-referencing inside 
exists() causing autovivify. I only took a peek at the readme.


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