What I learned at the meeting last night. (1)

Alan Stewart astewart at spawar.navy.mil
Fri Oct 15 11:31:09 CDT 1999

On 14 Oct 99 at 21:24, Joel Fentin wrote:

>I learned about =begin and =end. Everywhere I use them, I ruin
>the program. Here is an example program. My experience is these
>can be placed anywhere in the program to ruin it. This program
>works when they are gone.
>#!/perl/bin/perl -w
>use CGI::Carp qw(carpout fatalsToBrowser);      # sends errors to
>use strict;
>use CGI qw(:standard);
>=begin comment text
>=end comment text

=pod comment text
=cut comment text

>  print header(), start_html("1");
>  print h1("11");
>  print hr(), start_form();
>  print p(submit("111"));
>  print end_form(), hr();
>  print end_html();
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I should have remembered this the other night. =begin and =end mark stuff to be 
parsed by some other external parser. =pod and =cut start and stop Perl code 
parsing. The docs in modules start with =head1 and end with =cut. The pod doc says 
to use =pod and =cut to add additional paragraphs to the code.
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