Problems with stat()

-{WinterWolf}- wntrwolf at
Wed Nov 24 17:47:50 CST 1999

I have a question maybe someone can answer because I can't seem to find
a reference to it anywhere.

How do I convert the file MODE returned by stat() into a MODE I can use
with chmod()?  For example, I have a set of files that when stat()'ed
return 34056 as their MODE. The MODE returned by stat() supposedly
includes both file type and permissions. Still, even counting the 3 as a

file type (regular file) that still leaves me with 4(set uid)056. When I

do an ls -l on the files, their permissions show as
-r----s--- which in my mind converts to 2(set gid)410 . . . doesn't make

any sense.

Anyone have any ideas?



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wntrwolf at

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