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Global Internet Research & Information Distribution Coalition 

About Us:
Global Internet Research & Information Distribution Coalition, 
(GIRIDC) is a FOR FREE entity
sharing with consumers an opportunity to explore non-biased 
informational portals offering services for which we have no 
financial interest or gain. We feature sites that have been 
researched and have delivered responsibly on their product or 
service. Please note, we do not have any direct affiliation with 
the sites present in this E-Link Bulletin. We are consumers like 
you, seeking the use of legitimate value-added services via the 

Our Goal: 
To introduce the many value-added products and services offered 
on the Internet. Consumers have a right to know about the mass 
resources available and the wealth of legitimate sites that may 
benefit their needs. Corporate giants and others are attempting 
to sensor what you see, read and hear via the Internet, forcing 
you to purchase products and service through their vendors and 
portals. This is not the purpose for which the Net was intended.

Here are a few great sites we have visited and found very useful.

Featured Site: http://www.scambusters.org
This site is a must see! If you are concerned with email ads or 
websites offering opportunities or programs that may seem 
suspicious, report it to this site. They have all the latest and 
most common scams that are being circulated on the Internet and 
will post any fraudulent materials. 

Free Internet: http://www.freei.net
Don't want to continue paying $19.95 or more just to Surf the 
Net? This site offers the future of the Internet, Today. Never 
pay to Surf again. In this case, Free Does Mean Free!

Internet Service Providers: http://www.thelist.com
Don't like the service you've been getting from your present 
Internet Service Provider? Take a look at the more than 6,000 
ISP's you have to choose from. You're Not Stuck!

Need To Send A Large File: http://www.whalemail.com
The is a great service for sending large files up to 50 megs, 
your regular ISP just can't handle that kind of load. Go ahead, 
transfer you entire C Drive to the ones you love most. It's even 
FREE! Nice guys huh?

Cheap Phone Rates: http://www.4centsld.resourcez.com  
We found a .04cents long distance rate, no switching, no fees and 
low international rates using 10-10 access numbers. If you can 
handle the 10 minute minimum, you're in business.

Nothing But FREE Stuff: http://www.thefreesite.com
Now who doesn't like Free Stuff that is really Free? This site is 
a ton-of-fun and there is something for everyone. It offers a 
multitude of freebies and we are sure you may find something that 
interest you.

Free Fax Service: http://www.fax4free.com 
Here you can get a free fax phone number and receive you faxes on 
your computer. You can print your faxes out on your printer. 
Print quality is much higher than normal fax machines. 

Looking For A Job or Career? http://www.jobfinders.com
This site is very user friendly. If you are in need of searching 
for that one job you can't seem to locate anywhere else, this 
site is up to the challenge.

International Directory Assistance Online: http://www.infobel.com
If you have ever gotten International Directory Assistance from 
AT&T then you are aware that you can easily pay up to $9.00 
dollars for that information. Here is an online solution and it's 

A Ladies Choice: http://www.skindeep.escape.to 
This site offers the latest in beauty tips, secrets, fashion 
trends and more. No need to worry about the "IN Crowd", because 
here you're always "IN". They even have a 100% satisfaction 
guarantee on their products.

Looking For Someone? http://www.anywho.com
Yes, this site will assist you in finding that someone special or 
not so special, whatever the case maybe. You will need to have 
some basic information regarding your search, but the site does 

We Value Your Input:
If you know of a site that would be a value-added service to the 
Net community we welcome your inquiry. We seek to introduce sites 
that do not have an existing corporate or commercial presence. 
Provide us with the WWW address and we will visit the site and 
share it with the community in a future mailing. We welcome your 
ideas and value your suggestions regarding our E-Link Bulletin. 
Tell us what you think of the sites we've presented. Leave your 
inquiry at our 24 Hour Message Center Toll Free: 1-877-410-1062  
Due to the popularity of our concept, thanks to you, we are now 
100,000 members strong and growing.

We do not seek to offend those who do not wish to receive our 
mailings. To guarantee your removal from any future mailings, 
please leave your email address at this toll free number: 



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