[Saltlake-pm] YAPC volunteers

David Oswald daoswald at gmail.com
Wed May 27 19:39:34 PDT 2015

If you haven't stepped up to volunteer for YAPC, and have the time to do
so, please send me an email!

We're looking for a total of 16, of which I have about 5 who have expressed
a willingness.

Volunteer duties will be helping with the video in each talk, helping as
room monitors (meaning you start and end talks on time), helping at
registration desk, etc.

I'm going to do my best to make it possible for you to attend the talks you
want to attend as a volunteer.  16 volunteers would mean nobody is on the
hook more than 1/3rd of the time, and even then, your duties would mostly
allow you to attend talks while helping out.

So please step forward if you're available.

Oh, and one perk; volunteers get free admission.  So you can save yourself
the $250 registration fee by volunteering.  But don't let having already
registered stop you from being a volunteer; we'll work it out for you too
if you personally paid for your registration.

Even if your company paid your way, volunteer anyway; you'll be doing a
nice thing for the Perl community.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...



David Oswald
daoswald at gmail.com
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