[Saltlake-pm] Compelling Topics (request for feedback)

David Oswald daoswald at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 20:51:41 PDT 2015

In planning our upcoming meetings, I'm looking for YOUR feedback. This is
the opportunity for you to offer suggestions without actually volunteering
to speak!  :)

1: Assuming for a moment that we could find a qualified presenter on any
topic, what topic or topics would you like to see discussed in an upcoming
Perl Mongers meeting?

2: What sorts of meetings do you enjoy: Presentations, Workshops,
Hackathons, Socials, Mix it up a bit?

3: Who would you like to hear from?  (In other words, is there a local
expert you would like to see scheduled? Is there someone who isn't local
whom you would like to see us try to arrange?  Obviously money is a factor,
so locals are more likely to happen, but with that in mind, who do you
really wish to hear from?)

4: Which is better for you: Utah County, Salt Lake County, or somewhere
between (eg, Lehi/Draper)?

5: Would it be of interest if we had quarterly events that specifically
target the upcoming generation of programmers?

6: Any other suggestions?

Please do take the time to weigh in.  It would really help me in arranging
more compelling meetings.

Thanks so much!



David Oswald
daoswald at gmail.com
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