[Saltlake-pm] A rare opportunity: Mojolicious asynchronous app training from Glen "tempire" Hinkle

David Oswald daoswald at gmail.com
Wed May 14 17:46:48 PDT 2014

tempire (Glen Hinkle), one of the core developers of the popular
Mojolicious web framework, will be doing a trial run of his 6-hour
Mojolicious non-blocking web apps seminar / workshop THIS SATURDAY at

Here is a synopsis: http://www.mojoconf.org/mojo2014/training.html

This is the seminar that he will be giving at Mojoconf in Olso Norway later
this month.  Saturday afternoon is just about the only time slot he's able
to offer, and for those who have the time to attend, it really will be a
valuable and fortunate opportunity to learn asynchronous web programming
from one of the masters.

Anyone in Salt Lake Perl Mongers interested in attending this seminar,
please contact Glen Hinkle via email at: glen at empireenterprises.com to
RSVP.  He said he'll be providing food, so RSVP's to him are appreciated.

The venue will probably be his home in American Fork (he will provide
directions to the respondents), unless we work out some other venue (in
which case he will still be providing directions to respondents).




David Oswald
daoswald at gmail.com
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