[Saltlake-pm] Website updated with Damian Conway announcement

David Oswald daoswald at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 11:36:28 PDT 2013

The Salt Lake Perl Mongers website (http://saltlake.pm.org) has been
updated to include a preliminary Damian Conway announcement.

Here are two talk proposals that Damian is offering.  I'm on the fence
as to which would be better for us:


I know that Utah Open Source will be promoting this as well (they're
helping us out with a venue), so it's possible that we'll get a number
of non-Perl people.  For that reason, I am sort of favoring the
"Quaquaversal" talk unless there are any objections.

This is a tremendous opportunity to promote the Perl Community in
Utah.  While the presentation will probably take place in Utah County
(per Damian's request -- he prefers to minimize his travel time), it's
certainly worth the drive, even for people who rarely venture south of
the Point.

I would like to find a way to promote this to as many
programming-related groups as possible be they  ".edu", ".com", or
".org".  If any of us have contacts within the local institutions of
higher learning, within tech companies, or within other programming
organizations (or Meetups, for example), please let me know so we can
coordinate getting the word out.



David Oswald
daoswald at gmail.com

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