[Saltlake-pm] Summary of who has been invited to the Damian Conway event

Mister Ed Mister.Ed at AgoraCart.com
Wed Jul 17 20:09:23 PDT 2013

I've seen it several times, but I did not take note where per se.  I 
know I saw announcements via UTOS (Victor) & PLUG for sure. There seemed 
to be a big wave in various groups all near the same time so that must 
have been when you sent invites.  I don't recall if UtahJS or URUG made 
mention of it or not.

Sorry I get too many emails every day to remember if/when/etc


On 7/17/2013 5:48 PM, David Oswald wrote:
> The following groups have been invited, so far:
> Salt Lake Perl Mongers (it's our event, of course).
> Utah Open Source (they arranged the venue for us).
> Bluehost (they are why the speaker is in town).
> Big Data Salt Lake (Meetup group)
> SLLUG (Mailing list)
> PLUG (Mailing list)
> Computer Programming Support Group (Meetup group)
> Salt Lake City -- Linux Group (Meetup group)
> University of Utah Business & Technology Speaker Series (Meetup group)
> The "Meetup group" invitations went to the group's leaders.  Hopefully
> they'll forward them along to their members.
> Does anyone have contact with Python, Ruby, or other programming groups?
> So far Eventbrite.com shows we have 34 of the 150 seats reserved.
> The Eventbrite URL is http://www.eventbrite.com/event/7476529501
> I've mostly been referring people to our website, which has an
> Eventbrite link.  I figure that will help get people familiar with
> Salt Lake Perl Mongers, not just with this specific event.
> http://saltlake.pm.org
> If anyone can think of anything else we should be doing to promote
> this, I would appreciate hearing about it.

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