[Saltlake-pm] July meeting (9th @ 7pm) -- Any volunteer speakers?

David Oswald daoswald at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 12:40:14 PDT 2013

It occurred to me that our July meeting is just a week away.  Do we
have any speaker volunteers?  We have two slots: A normal "in depth"
slot which is probably a 30-40 minute presentation, and a "basics"
slot, which is probably 20-30 minutes.

We're a friendly bunch, so don't be shy! :)  If there's something
you've found interesting, or useful, follow up either on the list or
email me directly.

I'm assuming that we want to proceed with our July meeting, and then
let our Damian Conway address on August 1st take the place of our
normal August meeting.



David Oswald
daoswald at gmail.com

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