[Saltlake-pm] Reaching out

David Oswald daoswald at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 13:26:30 PDT 2013

Tonight please be sure to welcome people you haven't seen at a Perl
Mongers meeting before.  One time someone in LA confided to me that
the reason she never went to a second Los Angeles Perl Mongers meeting
was that nobody spoke to her at her first meeting.

To make it easier to share our contact information with others, I
added the following page on our website (you may need to refresh your
brower's cache):


It's just a banner page with a QR code linking to our website's main
page.  Load it up in your smartphone and share it with others at
tonight's event!

If there's enough time to set it up I hope to put it on the overhead
projector before tonight's meeting so newcomers can scan it if they
like.  This event is for us... but it's also for us to bring new
people to Perl, and to the group. :)  We have 84 registrants so far.

See you all this evening.



David Oswald
daoswald at gmail.com

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