[Saltlake-pm] LWP Packaging Weirdness

Joseph Hall perlhoser at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 10:14:57 PDT 2013

Okay, this is driving me crazy. Those of you using LWP on Red Hat or
Ubuntu will find the following files on your system:


Those of us running Arch will not find those. On Red Hat, you can find
these attached to the perl-libwww-perl package:


If you investigate on Ubuntu, you will discover those files belonging
to the libwww-perl package. But they don't belong to the perl-libwww
package on Arch. So I started looking around upstream:


They just don't exist.

You may notice that the pastebin above is for 5.837, and think that
maybe those files were pulled from recent versions. But if you go back
and browse CPAN and GitHub for those versions, you still won't find

Where the foo are these files coming from?

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