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Hello, world! This is Simon Cozens, www.perl.com managing editor,
bringing you the latest goings on from the world of Perl and our
own site.

* Perl at large.

FreeBSD have chosen to remove Perl from the base of their operating
system, making them the only major Unix to ship without Perl
installed by default. Oddly, this move may end up being a win
for FreeBSD users, who have long suffered problems upgrading
their version of Perl from the one so tied to the core of the
distribution to a more recent release.  Here's the scoop:


Version 2.0 of ActiveState's mail filtering tool PerlMx has been
released. This version purports to block 98% of unsolicited email
at the gateway, as well as checking for viruses and assuring
emails conform to site policies.


Finally, Dan Sugalski, Parrot architect and Perl Foundation
fundraiser, is organising this summer's Foundation fundraising
tour. If you want to host a fundraising event and want the Perl
bigshots to talk at it, get in touch with Dan:


* What's new on www.perl.com?

Stas Bekman's mod_perl series continues with the "Perl You Need To
Know". In the final part of his Perl primer before moving onto
mod_perl programming proper, Bekman covers lexical and global
variables, as well as the difference between do, require and use.
Do you know what "my" and "local" really do? If not, this article
is for you.




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*** Featured Articles ***

The Perl You Need To Know - Part 3
Stas Bekman finishes his introduction to the basic Perl skills you
need to use mod_perl; this week, globals versus lexicals, modules
and packages.



Where Wizards Fear To Tread
So you're a Perl master. You've got XS sorted. You know how the
internals work. Hey, there's nothing we can teach you on perl.com
that you don't already know. You think? Our new series teaches the
topics others only dream about, starting with the Perl op tree.



The Perl You Need To Know - Part 2
Stas Bekman continues his mod_perl series by looking at the basic
Perl skills you need to use mod_perl; this week, subroutines inside



Becoming a CPAN Tester with CPANPLUS
A few weeks ago, Jos Bousmans introduced CPANPLUS, his replacement
for the CPAN module. In the time since then, development has
continued apace, and today's release includes support for
automatically testing and reporting bugs in CPAN modules. Autrijus
Tang explains how it all works.


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