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Hello, world! This is Simon Cozens, www.perl.com managing editor,
bringing you the latest goings on from the world of Perl and our
own site.

* Perl at large.

O'Reilly has released the latest addition to its Perl range,
"Perl & XML." As the blurb says, "This book gives a complete,
comprehensive tour of the landscape of Perl and XML, making sense
of the myriad of modules, terminology, and techniques." Definitely
worth a read if you don't know your SAX from your Sablotron.


Dan Sugalski was interviewed by the readers of use.perl.org
and provides his answers on various aspects of the design,
implementation, and management of Parrot, the Perl 6 interpreter.
Read his answers here:


This month's edition of The Perl Review is out! It covers Using Perl
with Flex, finding modules on CPAN, more about Parrot, extreme
publishing, and more.


* What's new on www.perl.com?

Two new articles for you this week.  First of all, if you've ever
thought the articles on perl.com aren't teaching you anything
new, then our "Where Wizards Fear To Tread" series is for you.
Each month we'll be bringing you an article that's *meant* to blow
your mind -- upcoming topics including Java/Perl integration,
iThreads, and the Perl optimizer. First of all, though, modifying
the Perl operation tree.


But we've not completely forgotten non-gurus; the next article in
Stas Bekman's mod_perl series deals with more "Perl You Need To
Know" before diving into mod_perl programming. This week, what
happens if you need to put a subroutine inside another subroutine?




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*** Featured Articles ***

Where Wizards Fear To Tread
So you're a Perl master. You've got XS sorted. You know how the
internals work. Hey, there's nothing we can teach you on perl.com
that you don't already know. You think? Our new series teaches the
topics others only dream about, starting with the Perl op tree.



The Perl You Need To Know - Part 2
Stas Bekman continues his mod_perl series by looking at the basic
Perl skills you need to use mod_perl; this week, subroutines inside



Becoming a CPAN Tester with CPANPLUS
A few weeks ago, Jos Bousmans introduced CPANPLUS, his replacement
for the CPAN module. In the time since then, development has
continued apace, and today's release includes support for
automatically testing and reporting bugs in CPAN modules. Autrijus
Tang explains how it all works.



mod_perl Developer's Cookbook
Geoffrey Young, Paul Lindner, and Randy Kobes have produced a new
book on mod_perl which claims to teach "tricks, solutions, and
mod_perl idioms." How well does it live up to this promise?



The Perl You Need To Know
This week, Stas Bekman goes back to basics to explain some Perl
topics of interest in his continuing mod_perl series.


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