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Hello, world!

This is Simon Cozens, managing editor of www.perl.com, here to
bring you the week's news and developments both in the Perl world
and on our own site.

* Perl at large.

The Perl Conference is upon us! As I write this, Dan Sugalski is
preparing to give his talk on the Perl 6 internals. The major focus
of the conference has been the future status of Perl, and especially
Perl 6; Larry's State of the Onion talk - or should I say, talks,
since there were 33 of them - set out an overview of what Perl 6
would look like.  The perl.com team was there, and we've put together
the highlights into an article:


We've been having too much fun to bring you as much coverage of
the conference as we'd like, but you can always get the very latest
from my weblog, including my report of day one of the conference:


Also checkout the photos and other coverage of the conference on:


There've also been some awards. First, the technical awards: Brian
Ingerson and Neil Watkiss won Best New Module for Inline; Dan Brian
won the Damian Conway Award for his papers on linguistics, and
Mark-Jason Dominus won the Larry Wall Award for Utility for his paper
"Rx, a Regex Debugger for Perl."

Second, the coveted White Camel Awards for contributions to the Perl
community: David Adler, for his work with the Perl Mongers; Ask
Hansen, for his tireless and dedicated work administering the
perl.org web sites and mailing lists; and the YAPC::Europe organizing
committee for, well, YAPC::Europe.

Away from the conference, we ought to remind you of the Perl Journal's
poetry contest deadline. As regular readers will know, the Perl Journal
has gone through a takeover by CMP, and they wish to continue the
contest. The deadline has been extended to Friday the 27th (tomorrow)
at 5pm Pacific Time. See the URL for the details:


The perl.com team are all here at the conference, so what we've been
doing this week has mainly been based around that. Normal service will
be resumed next week when we all get home; we have some very
interesting articles lined up for you, but right now, it's time to
get back to the talks!


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*** Featured Articles ***

The State of the Onion 5
Larry Wall gives his annual summary of the state of the Perl world.
This year, as one might expect, the major focus was on Perl 6.
Larry gave 33 lightning talks, of 55 seconds each, outlining elements
of Perl 6's design. Here's a rundown on what Perl 6 is going to be.



Mail Filtering with Mail::Audit
Does your e-mail still get dumped into a single Inbox because you
haven't taken the time to figure out the incantations required to
make procmail work? Simon Cozens shows how you can easily write
mail filters in something you already know: Perl.



This Week on p5p 2001/07/16
Description 5.7.2 is out, some threading fixes, and much more.



Symmetric Cryptography in Perl
Abhijit Menon-Sen explains how to use Perl to keep your
secrets... secret.


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