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Greetings, Starfighter!^WPerl hacker!

This is Schuyler Erle, web hacker for the O'Reilly Network, and
it's my pleasure and honor to bring you the week's news and
developments both on www.perl.com, and all across the world of Perl.

* Perl at large.

Perl 5.7.2 is out! As reported in last week's perl5-porters summary,
Jarkko had announced that 5.7.2 was on its way. This past Friday,
Jarkko officially released Perl 5.7.2 to CPAN. You can get it from:


This is a development release, not to be used for production systems!
However, you might consider this an early release candidate for Perl
5.8.0, the next stable release, as little is expected to change
between now and then. Congrats to Jarkko and all the perl5-porters.

Meanwhile, our own Joe Johnston has written a nifty new article for
oreilly.com, on using Perl in the brave new world of web services.
Joe is co-author of _Programming Web Services with XML-RPC_, which
was published last month by O'Reilly & Associates, and contains
several chapters devoted to Perl's XML-RPC facilities. If you're
not familiar with the promise of XML-RPC and web services, I strongly
encourage you to take a peek at Joe's article:


The big news this week, however, is the last-minute preparations
for The Perl Conference 5, with just under a week to go before the
world's brightest and best Perl hackers descend on the Sheraton
San Diego Hotel; will we see you there? Editor emeritus Mark-Jason
Dominus will be hosting another of his wildly popular Lightning
Talk sessions. You can find the tentative schedule of this year's
rapid-fire five-minute talks at:


Also, some of this year's Birds-of-a-Feather sessions have been
announced. There are quite a few BOF meetings being led by our
friends from ActiveState on a wide variety of topic, a couple by
Chris Nandor on Slash and on MacPerl, and one simply entitled
"Something Interesting Dominus Is Working On". However, the one
I'm really looking forward to is the Jam BOF, hosted by Nat
Torkington on Wednesday night. Bring your musical instruments!
(Also, keep your eyes peeled for the Wireless BOF, which, although
not as yet listed on the schedule, I mention because I'll be
co-hosting it with the O'Reilly Network's own Rob Flickenger. ;-)
You can check out the whole list of scheduled events at:


* What's new on www.perl.com?

Once again, Simon Cozens is back in the saddle with another
irreverent edition of the perl5-porters digest. This week, flames
roar over SUPER:: operating at compile time vs. run time; "package;"
goes away, and Artur Bergman sets out to fix threading and chew gum,
only to discover that he's all out of gum.


As if that wasn't enough, Simon also presents our feature article
this week, on his Mail::Audit module, which is a head-on attempt
to address the agony of filtering e-mail with procmail. "I didn't
want to handle my mail with a collection of ... commands that made
sendmail.cf look like a Shakespearean sonnet," Simon writes,
referring to procmail's obtuse recipe syntax. "I wanted to program
my mail routing in a nice, high-level language. Something like Perl,
for instance." Intrigued? Come see how Mail::Audit can be put to
work sorting your mail!


Thanks for joining us this week, noble Perl hackers. We'll be back
again next week, live from The Perl Conference in San Diego. Hope
to see you there!


The 3rd O'Reilly Open Source Convention, July 23-27, 2001
Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina

FINAL WEEK! -- GNOME's Miguel de Icaza reveals Mono
Register now for The Great Open Source Debate,
Perl Conference 5, PHP, XML, Python, Java -16 technology tracks
in all--http://conferences.oreilly.com/oscon/

*** Featured Articles ***

Mail Filtering with Mail::Audit
>From Perl.com
Does your e-mail still get dumped into a single Inbox because you
haven't taken the time to figure out the incantations required to
make procmail work? Simon Cozens shows how you can easily write
mail filters in something you already know: Perl.



This Week on p5p 2001/07/16
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Description 5.7.2 is out, some threading fixes, and much more.



Symmetric Cryptography in Perl
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Abhijit Menon-Sen explains how to use Perl to keep your
secrets... secret.



Creating Scalable Vector Graphics with Perl
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Kip Hampton demonstrates how to use Perl, XML, and SVG to
generate useful and attractive graphics dynamically.



People Behind Perl: Nathan Torkington
>From Perl.com
So you use Perl, and you probably know that it was brought to you
by "Larry Wall and a cast of thousands". But do you know these
people that make up the Perl development team? Simon Cozens talks
to Nathan Torkington, a long-time Perl developer and a mainstay
of the Perl community.


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